søndag, juni 29, 2008

Back to my home country

Rock is back:
We arrived in Tananarive Sunday evening really late and dark, it was about 23h in evening but its already dark. I missed the light from the sun utill 23h or 24h in Norway. When I saw the darkness in Antananarivo in the first time we arrived in the airport then I felt that I am home again far from the light again. It not problem electricity but we don’t have sun until 23h if you see what I mean. It’s not like in Norway.
I get angry when I was there at one o’clock and they didn’t start to fill the car yet. We have to wait until 17h so we stay in the bus station doing nothing and waiting for the Bus will leave, finaly we left Tana around 18h. it was really funny to see inside the bus if I compare the bus that I used to take in Norway. Many people and we sat in the sit supposed to for five people but we are six sit together and I care my hand luggage on my legs, no one listen IPod or read a book but they talk and talk. They have to drive for two days and they drive during the night too because they have two driver and they switch all the time. It was realy hard to sleep in the bus because they drive really fast and you don’t have enough space. There are many policemen in the way from Tana to Fort-dauphin so we have to stop many times. From Ihosy to Ambovombe (105 km before Fort-dauphin) the road was really bad so I become really red from the earth which can come inside the car when they drive really fast and someone open the door or the windows.


I went to Church on Sunday morning. The Service start at 9h and they start on time but we finished really late compare in Norway. We end at 12h because we had baptism and confirmation. It was realy nice to see many people in the church and different voice when the sing. Everything was in Malagasy so I didn’t need to translate for me like in Norway sometime. At 19h in evening we had kind of welcome Service for us in my Church and we talk about our stay in Norway. I arrived there at 18h 45mn, I saw only three people in the Church and I ask if I came early or it supposed to be at 19h 30 but they said at 19h. People arrived around 19h 15mn and we start at 19h 30mn. The leader of the meeting arrived 30mn after we started. That was very exiting

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Anonym sa...

Dear friend! Thank you for your report. The way of living, driving, buses, roads, checkpoints and son on are realy difrent in this world.

Thank you for what you did i Norway! God bless you for your new stay in Madagaskar.

Yours Gramstad Per Gunnar, Norway, bord and grown up in Madagascar