torsdag, oktober 23, 2008

Bad blogger but good experiences

Ingrid in Madagascar writes:

My excuses (for not writing a blog article) are many, I know. The main thing however is probably the fact that I'm having a really good time. So it's not necessary for me to go to my room, being introvert and writing stuff. It's more fun to be around people and experience the culture. So I'm sorry if there's anybody out there who wants more updates! I'm going to try to get better.
English Club however is a group of young people gathering to speak, practice and improve English. They meet every Tuesday, Thursday and Friday, and we were lucky enough to accidentally see them in the living room our first day here. We were invited in and have joined them since then. I'm really impressed by their efforts. They speak English all the time! All the time. If there's a word someone doesn't understand, the others try to explain it to them, in English! I don't think that would ever happen in Norway. We would rather like the explanation in Norwegian. This policy also makes it easier for us. To get some structure we put together a plan for the days, so that every Tuesday we have «Bible study», Thursday «Listening and singing» (mostly Christian songs) and Friday «English in daily life» (discussions etc). We divide into smaller groups so that everyone gets the chance to speak.These evenings are some of the best things I do down here. Especially thursday when we had our first time of «listening and singing». I sang «The heart of worship» and «Majesty» to them. We had written the texts on the white board so it was easer for them to follow. Afterwards we talked about the song's meanings and explained. Then we all sang the song together. Everyone with their Malagasy dialect, some differences in the melody and in a language they don't know that well. So touching. And this was not the end of the night. When English club was finished the four of us, and Daniel, spoke to Pastora Haja, the general secretary in the youth department in the Lutheran Church. Afterwards we were served a nice supper of chicken, some tomatoes and onions and of course rice! To drink we got what I think is quite typical for Madagascar, the remaining boiled water from the cooked rice. No, it was not the best drink I've tasted but I was able to drink it anyway. It was a night to remember! And I think we'll have many more!

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Hanne sa...

Gjett om vi også får servert risdrittvann da?? Det skal jeg love deg at vi gjør så jeg FØLER med deg!!
GØY å høre Ingrid!
Kos deg og klem litt på gjengen din:)