tirsdag, november 04, 2008

Friends, Laofood and RISK

Eirik in Laos:
My life here reminds me more and more of a day to day life. We are starting to get som routins, and I can almost every day rise from the bed, knowing what the day will consist of. That, I didn't do the two first weeks. And believe me, it's a good feeling.Some days ago, I tried to publish this, but it didn't work. So this time, I will wright every thing again, and hope that it does work.Last week, Salome, Khamphet, Air and E came to spend an evening of joy and laughter with me and Kristian. The first thing we needed, was food. So off course, we should eat Laofood. A combination of fried and cooked lever, minched pork and pork, together with steamed rice and sticky rice, and a variation of vegetables, made the dinner into a feast of flavours and smells. Out of care for us norwegians, they divided the food into spicy, and non spicy. And for that, we give our thanks!!After the food, we sat down for a game of nothing other then the game RISK. After playing for a few hours, we decided that the one with the most land under his control, would win the game. Ges who did.. yes, no one else then yours truly. Thank you.I'm very happy for det friends we've made here. It make things much easier when we know that we have a network of people around us, and that those peolpe truly care for us.Life here is good!!

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