onsdag, desember 20, 2006

Halo!I want to ask you: how are you?I am totally fine... But, sometimes, Norway is so dark, isn't it? I know it can make us feel a bit down, but this is the reason why i have been in so many "light moments"... hehehe.. Santa Luiza (the Saint of the Light) is very much remebered in this time of the year hear!In the kindergarten, we have rememberd her as well. We visited an elder's house, and sang some Santa Luzia's songs, and we also had Santa Luzia's bulla... By the way, I have eaten it many times: in the kindergarte, at home (twice... because I live in this christian house) and yeasterday at my friend's house. It has been very nice. Jeg liker det!I have cut my hair, how u can see... By my self! Nice, isn't it? hehehe.... this is what is not more on my head... hhehhee... Probrably, guys will see no difference. But i like it!What I have been doing so far? I have been "singing in the rain"... It has been raining non stop... I have been in Bergen for 2 1/2 months, and I have had just 4 or 5 days withour rain! Vi snakkes!

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