torsdag, februar 21, 2008


I will remember: February, 9th and 10th, 2008. Maybe 21 is a good age to try ski for the first time in life. It was for me! Together with my Norwegian family, I could understand and be introduced to the famous ski.Gullingen (western part of Norway) testified my first experience with ski. The place was whitely covered with snow. Some small hills, some trees without leaves and, luckily, few people are witnesses of those first and funny falls I have experienced by learning how to ski.To start, I walked three hours. The effort is nothing comparing to breathtaking views along the way. While looking and admiring the landscapes, I could relax my legs.Speaking on legs, I need to say: ski is a kind of sport that uses our whole body. From head to toes, everything is important to ensure balance and movement. As a beginner, I can not deny: a soft pain comes the day after in your legs. But it does not prevent you of accepting one more time in order to experience another kind of ski.That’s what happened: I tried “slalåm” (in Norwegian) that means “downhill ski”. We use different equipments: shoes and skies are specials for this mode. To me, it is not possible to try downhill without an instructor. And, thanks God, I had one. When I got up in the mountain I asked him: “Wow! Do we need to take this slippery way to get down?”. With his instructions, bit for bit, I could go down slowly. When the speed increased and I could not manage to reduce, my solution was to sit down.Normally, it takes less than one minute to go downhill. I can remember a little boy – about 9 years-old – passed by me three times. My first experience with downhill took around 10 minutes to get back down from the hill. Is this a record in the sport?Surely, it was remarkable

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