tirsdag, mars 03, 2009

Party for the volunteers

Prem in Kristiansand:

In January we have a party for the volunteer in our church. It was quite big thanking party; there were over 100 people in that party. The idea of this party was about the serving, so that I have learned so far and was very struggle me.
I was really impressed when I saw the whole staff at the church serviced over 100. They serve the volunteer from the beginning of the party for example; serving the food, drinking, cafe and tee until the end of program.

They have also some interments for those volunteer. Actually I never saw pastors wash the dish or serving people like this before. I spoke with my teammate that it is really the heart of the servant of God. When I come back to Thailand I will bring this obedience with. In the Bible Jesus washed the feed of his disciple, it was really touching me. I really love the greater servant of Lord Serve the little people. Because they look like a little Jesus.

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