mandag, oktober 30, 2006

From Mateus;

Hi!! Finally some news!! I´m in Bergen since october 6th, almost 1 month, how crazy!! Only last week they fixed our internet at home, so I still have to copy the pictures from the school laptop. So I´ll do it this week.The nonsense started in our trip from Mandal to Bergen. In Stavanger we (me, Leo and Rafaela) were suposed to take the plane to Bergen. The problem was that in national flights you can carry only 28 kilos in your luggage... you can imagine how much things we brought from Brasil and at school we took the winter clothes and all the books... each one of us had almost 50 kilos. So, one of us had to come by bus with the biggest part of our things, and Leo did it. The only problem is that the trip by plane only takes 25 minutes and by bus it takes more than 5 hours. But everything was ok.Our first impression about the city was that we have to respect its fame: almost 4 days with a lot of rain. So since we get here we are used to take the rain clothes (if we are not wearing them at the moment). But now we don´t complain anymore, we just have to be prepared and enjoy it.

And what about everybody write the posts in English???

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Agnar Aasland sa...

Hello Mateus! Finally someone wrote something!

Keep on writing people!!