onsdag, oktober 11, 2006

The trip to Brasil went very well. I went to bed at about 01:00 in the night on monday, and got up at 03:50 - ready to go to the airport. The flight to Amsterdam was good, and there was some Hald students there. In Amsterdam we met even more, and that meant we had to say good bye to many people in Amsterdam. It was sad to leave all of them...............

........But at last we arrived in Curitiba, and Samuel drove us to the place we are staying for three weeks. In Renata and Rebecas apartment, you can see them on the picture below. Renata speaks good norwegian! It's really nice here, the temperature is over 20'C and we are being picked up by Samuel in short time.

Congratulation Marte! The first blog post from a practice place. Marte and Ragnhild have safely arrived Brazil and you can read the first written words from Brazil by Marte if you click here.

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