tirsdag, januar 08, 2008

Infield in Norway

Cirene says:

I am having such a great time at Hald, it is really nice to meet all the International Students, it is like when we first came here, of course with a slight different: every place is white.The classes has been very important in order to make us look back over all time in Norway until now. Today there was a class about building on strengths, and it was great, very interesting subject. We were told to focus on our weaknesses, and even in school the system goes like that. You have to be good in every areas in this life, if you are not, people starts push you dow as if you were in some level not so clever as the others. It made me think on my information work when back to Brazil, I want go to some school and share one of theses things I have been learning while in Norway, also because it has been a blessing for me, so why not just share!


I am so thankful I am in this place where I can be challenged and even encouraged to try new thing, although I few sometimes powerless! But God has opened my eyes to see that He want to use my life, and I only need to be willing and wait for His guidance. Read more

Gwladys says:

The second of january, ah! what a long journey and tireing, but very exiting, well simply cause I was gonna meet every one again.


Monica and Agnar picked us up, cause we had as usual too many extra laguage for just 5 girls we had 20 bags or something..Anyway!Seeing everybody again was just so amazing, I never imagined that I would miss this senter that much... Read More

Edson says:

During the break between classes at Hald, Agnar - our teacher - taught us a new snow-game. So, we decided to play. Video by Nan (Thailand). See the movie

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