onsdag, januar 02, 2008


Infield in Madagascar:

Some weeks we’ve had to put up with the frustration of not having ANY ways to communicate with the rest of the world. Not only once have we experienced that what we planned never happened. We have had to realize that what you don’t plan – that’s what you’re suddenly thrown into! In short – Malagasy culture is very different to the Norwegian one, in many ways… It’s interesting and fun to experience, but sometimes it gets a bit tiring.

So when the time for In-field came, I was ready for a break.

To be able to have a conversation in my mother tongue without having to concentrate to understand every sentence was like a dream. We rented a car with a great driver. He took us all the way to Toamasina on the East Coast. We had some relaxing days there by the beach. Slept in a bungalow. Swam in the pool. Snorkled on the coral reef. Had Bible study. Counselling. Evaluation on our personal growth so far. Enjoying the company of Agnar, our teacher from Hald.

Bible study in the shade

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Infield in Cameroon:

Our ”Infield-course” was next on our schedule. It was GREAT to see them again. A reunion with Norwegian chocolate and cards from my family made my day!

The first couple of days did Inger johanne have some work for us to do. Or, not work. It was more talking about our experiences so far. It was nice! She helped us set some goals for our stay abroad. Talk more French was number one on my list!
We visited our work-places also.

At the kindergarten. It was hard to get attention that day!

We took off to Mballang (a cabin 1 hour north) for a one-night stay. It was beautiful. Sitting outside with a bonfire, the black sky covered with stars. Amazing!

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