torsdag, mars 06, 2008

Home of Praise

Home of Praise (HoP) is a kindergarden in the middle of the Klong Toey-slum in Bangkok. It's also my second workplace at the time. At daytime the ground is used by babies and small children up to 3 years. It's a normal kindergarden like every other. While I am at Immanuel two of my team mates work here.

It is however when the small children have been picked up by their parents, that the fun begins. Tree days a week HoP is open for anyone who would like to drop by. For two hours children can play and have fun under the supervision of adults (amongst them me and my team mates). We call it afternoon activities or AA. The age of these children varies from 2 - 15 years.We have lots of toys and games both to play inside and outside. The assortment we have is probably not bigger than the one a normal Norwegian family has, but it feels big considering the area we are in. Many of the boys like to come just to play football with their friends. We provide the football and the goals.

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