torsdag, mars 20, 2008


Eline in Cameroon writes;

Yes, I am thirsty. Not on water. Not on coffee mocha (even though that sounds good), but thirsty on more of Cameroun. I’m sitting in my room, realizing that it’s less than one month before I head back home to Norway. Good old Norway. But something makes me feel at home here in Cameroon. I can’t put words on it.
I decided to “move” to Gadjiwan where I went for Christmas to live with a Cameroonian family.
Eline kept surprisingly calm when she walked towards the “new home”. I didn’t know much; just that the father was the catechist in the church and the mother was the leader for Femmes pour Christ in the village. They had 5 children, three of them staying with them and two moved out.
I was welcomed with open arms. The family was: Mom Josephine, dad Albert, sisters Solange and Bea and younger brother Epi. Of course they had longer and several names, but that was what people called them.

The house- my room was with the window at right
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