tirsdag, november 21, 2006

From Mateus:
In november 11-12th I had my first experience as a driver in Norway. I went to a place 350 Km far north from Bergen, near to Måløy (Google Earth 61°57'5.22"N - 5° 3'18.40"E). Here the confirmands have a football championship called Natt Cup, where different confirmand groups of one region make their teams and the games happens from 8:00 in the night til 5:00 in the morning. But there was a small service and a concert too. We also had a time when the kids payed for some games, and the money collected is going to be send for scolarships in Cameroon. In fact, I was there to help Jan Inge with the stand of NMS U. This guy studied at Hald last year and went to Cameroon. He also had a little speach in the service. And I read John 3.16 in portuguese and speaked what does it mean to me. And about the trip, it took more than 6:30 hours to travell, because the road has a lot of curves, hills, in some places it is very narrow... and we need to take 2 ferrys and we had a lot of rain and some snow too. It was a good experience!!

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