torsdag, oktober 18, 2007

First impressions from Cameroon

From Eline's blog:

By looking out the car window, I felt I was watching a movie. So unreal! Even though it was dark outside, the streets were filled with people.
Me being bored trying to take some nice pictures out the window..
The next day, a taxi took us sight-sing around Yaoundé. Finally we got too se Cameroon in day light with our own eyes. It’s hard to describe what we saw when looking out, but this is something: This a normal sight in Cameroon. People selling food and things they carry on their head.. A part of a market..
What I was most excited about on our trip, was the train taking us from Yaoundé to Ngaoundéré.. We heard the journey could take everything from 12-27 hours, and you didn’t have much space during the trip. I can promise you that my first impression when I walked into the train was: CLAUSTROFOBIC! How could we put 4 people in here!! Luckily the fourth person never came, so the fourth bed was our storage place.. Helene sitting down fairly surprised by the space we have in our “room”.For every stop the train did, we could hear; banana banana banana eller l’eau, l’eau l’eau (water) outside the window.. Young children and adults were selling all kinds of things like you see in this picture. Gerd bought some bananas for breakfast..

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