onsdag, november 28, 2007

Brasiliansk pølse med brød

Something interesting for Norwegians is the way we, Brazilians, are used to prepare hot-dog. The main differences are: sliced salsiches, corn in the sauce and sticks-potatoes on the top.

At 9th of November, me and Cirene were at Avaldsnes Skolen to make "brasiliansk pølse med brød" (Brazilian hot-dog) with some children. They enjoyed the idea of slicing salsiches, frying onion, eating hot-dog with sticks-potatoes.

Afterwards, we have heard that some of the children decided to assume theirs kitchens at home and prepare the dish to the family.

After preparing the food, we went to the classroom. Some students presented posters with informations about countries that they have been studying. So, we could see the presentation about Guatemala - with typical food - and Brazil.

Read more and see pictures at Edson's blog

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det jeg var ute etter, takk

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