tirsdag, november 27, 2007

The Norwegians like bread and milk

The Norwegian like bread and milk. I dont like much the food but I live here and I have to used it because its part of the learning the culture. We had breakfast bread with something, "matpack" fro lunch, at four o clock dinner, thats the real meal. The norwegian like to eat just little bread for the lunch and different kind of food in Dinner. I used to eat three times a day in Madagascar and we have rice so I missed that. my hostfamily try to make me happy so they baugth rice for me and meat. they things that I realy like in norway are the Ice cream, Cake, and milk they are rich on that. Every meeting that I attend we always have Cake and coffee but I dont drink coffee so I just took the Cake. Me and Birger went to Melhus to attend a meeting so we ate much Cake. anywhere I go in Norway I found the cake and Coffee.

I work with the church, kinder garden, barn gospel, Baby massage, choire " join Us" and I take part of the comfirmant leaders.

In the kinder, they kids dont speak english so I tried to used body languge. I am learning Norwegian form the kids. The first word that I get from them is like "Hallo på do" it means like hallo toilet. they like me verymuch and I realy like to work with them every thursday even its realy hard. one girl in kinder she like me and I awlays get a gift from her. The name of that kinder is "Liavoll".

We had malagsy exhebition in orkdal menighthus for four day, It was succesful and I missed my home when I saw everything form Madagascar. In orkdal we have many people who ahve been in Madagascar so they brougth many things from Madagascar.

The exhebition visited by the student and the people who live in Orkdal. we show them too one dance from Madagascar " Mamgaliba", we danced five times a day during the exhebition, it was very hard but It nice to show the norwegian about madagascar about the life there even they think that Madagascar are one of the poor country.

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